🎒Tech Stack

Here's a brief overview of the tech stack that's used to build Reactive Resume.

  • React (Vite), as the frontend

  • NestJS, as the backend

  • PostgreSQL, as the primary database

  • Prisma ORM, as the interface between the server and the database

  • Redis, mostly for caching, but also used to track resume statistics

  • Minio, an open-source S3 alternative to store objects

  • Browserless, an open-source docker image that allows to run headless Chrome as a separate service

Some of the optional dependencies, which are not required when self-hosting your own version are:

  • Any SMTP Server, to send password recovery emails

  • Sentry, to track errors occurred on the server

  • GitHub/Google OAuth, to quickly sign-up and authenticate users

  • Crowdin, to manage translations and collaborate with translators across the world to contribute new translation phrases to the project

There are several open-source libraries that we use. Without them, it would not have been possible to build Reactive Resume.

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