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Exporting your resume as JSON

The JSON file format from Reactive Resume contains a snapshot of your resume at the time of export.
To go the extra mile for the safety of your data, you could also choose to save your JSON exports locally on your drive, or the cloud, so that you can import them back into Reactive Resume at any time.
While it contains information about the data you have entered to go on your resume, it also contains specific data regarding your resume that's used exclusively in Reactive Resume.
For example, it contains information regarding the design template you chose, the font family, the colors etc. All of this information is conveniently placed under the metadata key.
To export your resume in JSON file format, head on over to the resume builder screen in Reactive Resume and scroll down to the “Export” section in the right panel. Here, you have the option to export as JSON or as PDF.
Just click on the “JSON" button and a file should be saved onto your device. You can now upload this file elsewhere for safe-keeping, or import it back into Reactive Resume at any time.