📃Creating a Multi-Page Resume

Unlike most other resume builders, Reactive Resume does not automatically push your content to the next page in case the content crosses the page break line. The reason for this is explained here in detail.

However, it is quite simple to create multi-page resumes and only requires a tiny bit of manual effort.

Let's say you've created a resume that's crossing the page limit, like the one shown below.

To move certain sections to a new page, you must first create a new page. You can do this by heading to the "Layout" section in the right-hand side panel and clicking on the button titled "Add New Page".

When you click on the "Add New Page" button, it creates a new row with "Main" and "Sidebar" columns. Simply drag-and-drop the sections you want to see in the new page from the first page to the second one.

And there you have it, a new page with just the sections you want. This way you, as the user, have total control over what goes on which page and to control the display of your information and order in which sections appear on the page.

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