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Exporting your resume as PDF

PDFs are the preferred format for transferring documents on the internet. They offer the convenience of ensuring that what you see on your device is exactly what others see on their computers or mobile phones. However, one downside of PDFs is that they are not easily parsed, making it more challenging to export a resume as a PDF and import it back without any changes.
There are other downsides to PDFs, such as font compatibility. However, Reactive Resume addresses this issue by embedding the font you choose in the app into the PDF. This may increase the file size slightly, but guarantees that your resume will display correctly regardless of the PDF reader used by the viewer.
Exporting your resume in Reactive Resume is extremely simple and, most importantly, free. While other resume builders would typically require a fee to generate a PDF, Reactive Resume allows you to export your resume (or any number of resumes) as PDFs, without any limitations on the number of exports.
To export your resume as a PDF, head on over to the resume builder page and scroll down to the “Export” section in the right-hand side panel. Click on the button that says “Export as PDF” and it should take no more than 10-15 seconds to generate your PDF.
Once it’s ready, a new tab would open with the link to your resume (or in most cases, it should already be downloaded onto your device). Now, you can share the PDF with anyone who needs it.

PDFs are typically a snapshot of your data at the time you exported the resume. However, the downside is that if you update your resume on Reactive Resume, recipients who have already received the PDF would immediately have outdated information.
Reactive Resume solves this problem by hosting your resume for free, if you choose to make it publicly available. You will receive a unique link to your resume that can be shared with anyone, and this page will always display the most up-to-date information. From this page, anyone can download a PDF version of your resume if they wish.
To know more about making your resume publicly available, check out this guide: